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4 “Would you carry on the new bad day actually with me? You must say sure.” – Jake

4 “Would you carry on the new bad day actually with me? You must say sure.” – Jake

Fans rejoiced whenever Santiago and Peralta finally tied up brand new knot inside the the new 5th season off Brooklyn 9-9. It had been an extended roadway, as their increasing romance become which have a wager way back in the season step 1. To possess thirteen periods admirers saw since several investigators rivaled more than just who might get a great deal more felony arrests.

In the episode 13, brand new champion of your bet try in the end provided. Into the last day, over the last second Jake can make ten felony arrests, excellent your as champion. So it meant Amy had to sustain her punishment of going towards the a date having Jake.

step three “And has now been a delight to watch the sidetracking childish competition develop with the a disruptive childish courtship and today towards just what I’m sure could be a distracting childish relationship.” – Master Holt

Captain Holt is a serious, professional son, but he comes with a mellow place for like. He had been an often upset bystander through the Jake and you can Amy’s relationships, and hardly any you to understood the happy couple a lot better than your. If the one or two tied the latest knot inside seasons 5, they only searched to provides Chief Holt as his or her officiator

Amy and Jake’s relationship may not have went centered on plan, it try a lovely experience since there wasn’t an effective lifeless eyes in the home whenever Chief Holt spoke his piece and you may informed them one another he loved her or him and is proud of them.

2 ‘This is happening. Jake and you may Amy are getting hitched tonight. Title regarding my personal gender recording!” – Charles

Charles is amongst the bests family people you certainly will require as he usually has actually their friends’s backs, was honest, and you will caring. But not he’s not constantly the fresh smoothest guy when he is sometimes and also make others getting a little awkward actually their best friend Jake.

No-one is a great deal more excited about Jake and you may Amy taking y just weren’t due to the fact happy given that Charles. Not simply performed the guy faint when he discovered they were engaged, however, he also launched his thrill from the titling their intercourse recording “Jake and you will Amy are getting hitched this evening!”

step 1 “Forget about your ex lover with meaningless intercourse. They rhymes since it is true.” – Gina

Many fans have been happy having Jake and you can Amy which receive lasting love, but not group in life is really lucky crazy. And is where Gina is available in. She never ever goes wrong in the offering words off wisdom and you can advice about people suffering from heartbreak.

Inside 12 months step 1, episode twenty two “Charges and Standards” Gina attempts to come up with a solution to aid Charles during the their heartbreak immediately after Vivian deposits your. Rosa is unable to cheer up Charles, so Gina says to the lady there can be indeed a way to avoid their woes that is, “Forget about your ex partner having worthless sex.” And because they rhymes, it naturally mode it’s true.

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