At the helm of United Air Services is the Managing Director, who provides overarching leadership and strategic direction for the entire organization. This pivotal role ensures that the company’s vision aligns with its operational execution, setting the tone for excellence and innovation. Reporting directly to the Managing Director is the Operations Manager, a role crucial for the day-to-day functioning and streamlined execution of the company’s core activities.

Beneath this top-tier leadership are three fundamental departments, each playing a vital role in the company’s success? The Finance and Accounting Department is responsible for the fiscal health of the company, ensuring robust financial management, accountability, and transparency. Parallelly, the Marketing Department drives the company’s brand presence, customer engagement, and market expansion strategies.

Lastly, the Logistics and Ground Operation Department is the backbone of the company’s core services, overseeing the intricate logistics and ensuring efficient ground operations, which are paramount for timely and effective cargo services. See image 1 below for the company structure.