Happy Cargo


Air Freight

Happy Cargo is one of the market leaders when it comes to shipping goods by air. We are innovative logistics providers and can solve any task, transporting everything from parcels, packages, oversize cargo live food cultures to the latest collections for fashion fairs. Through our global strategic partners, we do air freight consolidation to many major cities worldwide, making it possible for us to offer exceptionally low rates for Airport to Airport, Door to Airport, and Door Door delivery. We expand your markets and make the entire planet your backyard. We mainly focus on delivering quality and certainty. That is your guarantee for safe and reliable delivery, regardless of where your goods are being sent

Sea Freight

We realize ocean freight remains an integral part and cost-effective solution in supply chain. Having offices in major ports around the globe allows us to offer a full array of ocean freight services including ocean freight consolidation and forwarding including LCL and FCL container management. Years of industry experience give us the opportunity to provide professional handling of container loads. Full Container Loads (FCL) Through our network of first class carriers we are in a position to negotiate competitive freight charges and secure adequate space for full container loads from all locations we serve. Talk to us for a comprehensive quotation that includes customs clearance at the port of Mombasa. Less than Container Loads (LCL) This option is available to clients with relatively smaller shipments that do not occupy a full container. It is currently not available in all locations that we serve. Contact Us for details.

Road Freight

Our fleet of trucks and dedicated drivers ensure that our contractual agreements with clients do not end at the port. We offer cargo forwarding services from our port offices to inland offices and warehouses in Mogadishu, Baidoa, Beledweyne, Berbera, Hargeisa Kismayo, Bosaso, and Garawe. For both full truckload shipments and smaller consignments suitable for van freight or riders, we forward to our clients’ door. This is a chargeable service.


Why should you partner with us? Simply put, we are not just a warehouse, we're a full-service distributor attached by a dedicated staff and customizable services that cater to your distribution needs. We store your goods, provide expert inventory management, that meets your shipping requirements, and take care of everything in between. Our latest store management systems together with dedicated experienced staff is a guarantee of professional handling of your cargo. The latest surveillance technology installed in our warehouse provides safety of goods while under our control.

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